Our Story

While we were both struck by the economic downturn, we rode a lot on our tandem bike. As we rode and pedaled into beautiful places, wineries and miles of road, the dream of Tandem, a Dinner and Wine Bar was born. We thought why not take all the gifts and talents that were given us and do something with it. We rode about 1,800 miles during the "dream" of Tandem, and visited many wineries, outdoor concerts, farmers markets and art festivals.

A lot of exploring was done. Economics from the ground up was born. We started shopping Craig's List and found exactly what we were hoping to find: a lot of stories and history behind each fantastic piece. We found amazing and unique treasures that folks didn't want to give up but had to in order to survive in this economy. Momentum started growing, excitement and the belief that anyone can achieve their dreams.

Lisa And Bradly Cropped