Carsten Thode - owner and lead designer


Carsten grew up on the East Coast in and around the New York Area.  His first job was working as the Editorial Programmer for Forbes Magazine.

In 1991 he moved to the Seattle area where he and his wife raised their family.  He has worked for several consulting agencies and then spent the last 20 years as the Senior Developer writing software for a Health Club Management company.  He handled everything from membership to billing, POS, Payment processing and inventory to scheduling and tracking workouts.

He has recently moved into the web-development world, where he still enjoys working with small to mid-size companies.  He has always worked directly his customers, defining their needs and making sure that they get what they expect!  This is true of the software that he writes as well as the websites he develops for his customers.

When Carsten is not working, he is active with his church, biking with his wife, and going on walks with his Labrador!